Hidden Folks Gets a Release Date and Adorable New Trailer

Hidden item games are fairly common on but also tend to be a little soulless.  They all run together in a blur of sameness, frequently differentiated only by the type of microtransaction used to string the player along.  Hidden Folks is the antidote to this.  It’s a hidden object game meticulously drawn in detailed cartoon art, with a fantastic amount of interactivity even on aspects of the picture that don’t lead to the solution.  Finding items is just the end-goal, but the illustrations are really a toy to be played with and poked at to see what falls out.  Plus it’s got sound design taken directly from the Switch/Panic! (from the Sega CD) school of audio.  The new video comes with a release date of February 15, as well as a whole lot of pleasant weirdness and what seems to be an asthmatic crocodile.