KontrolFreek Performance Gaming Wear Clothing Line Launched

KontrolFreek made its name with controller-based enhancement devices – but they’ve now branched into a clothing line. The company seems to be aiming for sweat-proofing clothing, as it promises to keep you cool and dry even if you’re sweating a lot under pressure. They have a hoodie available for $65.99, a pair of gaming shorts for $35.99, a variety of hats for $21.99, and a ton of t-shirts for $19.99. While this gear seems largely created with streamers with brand deals in mind to either wear or give away during streams, some of it does look pretty sharp. The hats in particular look great with the white on black for most of the designs , and some of the graphic tees look good even if they do seem a bit stuck in the early ’10s Affliction-style to a small degree.