Pokémon Bank Now Compatible with Sun and Moon, Comes with Free Gift

It has been a long time coming since the Pokémon Bank feature was announced to become available in Sun and Moon. With only days to go before January ends, the update was made in the nick of time!

Fans can now use Pokémon Bank to move anything caught in generation six games to the latest titles. Also, Virtual Console versions of Red, Blue, and Yellow are now compatible with Bank. This update will finally allow you to catch them all which is great news for players who have already completed the National Dex. There are also fun features including various stats and records as well as letting you find out a Pokémon’s ability from the first generation of games.

In celebration of the update, users can obtain a Wonder Card to activate via Mystery Gift. Doing so will give you Mewnium Z, Mew’s exclusive Z-Crystal. It unleashes Genesis Supernova which has a whopping 185 power and turns the battlefield into a Psychic Terrain. Pokémon Bank subscribers have until October 2 to claim their goodie.

Have a look at Mew showing off its Z-Move in the clip below and please take a moment of silence to honor that poor Pelipper.