Pure-Action FPS Immortal Redneck Seeks Short Lifespan on Greenlight

Remember when Serious Sam was the only throwback to oldschool FPSes?  Those were terrible times, with everything trying to be so serious and military, but thankfully it’s long gone and the genre has room for all sorts of weirdness.  Immortal Redneck is the latest example of this, being an action-FPS with roguelike elements set in a trio of Egyptian pyramids.  Choose a patron deity to define your class, spend the money from the last run on permanent upgrades, and get shooting in the trap-infested halls and giant rooms of the monster-filled ruins.  Each run is randomized, although judging by the room architecture it looks like it uses the “pre-built areas with plenty of modifiers connected randomly” method of level generation, rather than being fully procedural.  The game also looks fantastic, with a clear art style and plenty of colorful lighting effects to perk up the waves of monsters howling for your death.

Immortal Redneck landed on Steam Greenlight earlier today and probably won’t be there long before getting waved through.  Feel free to give it a helping hand along the way, though.