New Conan Exiles Trailer Rings in Server Launch Times and Barbarian Edition

Conan Exiles already had a launch day for its Early Access but today we finally know exactly when you’ll be able to login to the servers and start surviving, building and dominating. A developer blog on the official website, a new cinematic trailer and a special Barbarian Edition of the game rang in the announcement.

Starting on January 30 at 6am central European time, which translates to 9pm for the American west coast, the open world survival game will enter early access. Players will begin by being cut down from their symbolic crucifix and entering the exiled world of Hyboria. The standard edition of the game will cost $29.99. If you’re fiending to envelop yourself in the lore the IP has to offer then entertain the idea of upgrading to the Barbarian Edition. It will cost you $59.99 but will include a ton of goodies including a physical t-shirt and various Conan digital literature.

Check out the brand new cinematic trailer below and peep the special goodies if you’re going all in on this Hyborian adventure.