Funko Wants to Design Nintendo Collectibles

There are multiple video game products on the market that have been designed and produced by Funko. Many popular series have gained a variety of Pop!s, Mystery Minis and more. However, one company has eluded being turned into collectible craze — Nintendo.

In a recent podcast published by Funko, the team talks with the Brand and Licensing Manager. She goes into detail of how to obtain the rights to produce products and mentions Nintendo brands being the “white whale” of licenses. Mario and Pok√©mon are two big series Funko and fans want to get their hands on. However, it’s usually not as simple as just asking permission. There are many obstacles in-between concept and creation. Even if Mario were to be approved, he may only be allowed certain products and maybe a Pop! figure would not be on the list.

Nintendo has had a long history of being weary with their characters and brands. While Funko would surely handle them with care we probably won’t see anything soon. In the meantime, comment below with Nintendo characters and properties you’d love to see transformed into collectibles by Funko.