Gears of War 4 Getting Multiplayer Cross-Play

As of today, Microsoft has announced that Gears of War 4 will be getting multiplayer cross-play between Xbox One and its Windows 10 PC counterpart.

After doing some public testing of the idea last year, Microsoft is ready to move forward with the idea, feeling solid about rolling out servers for both platforms. The Test Weekend from last year seems to have paid off, with enough data being gathered that Microsoft felt comfortable rolling out the full service. Just to see some states from that weekend check it out on the website.

“When we looked at the extensive data we received thanks to the incredible participation from our community, there was a clear message – it works. And after reading the hundreds of pages of discussion and feedback from the cross-play Test Weekend, our fans said the same – it works.”

With the rollout of the new Social Quickplay, Microsoft is going to keep an eye on things while waiting to see if the data from the Test Weekend matches with what will be happening over the next few months. If it does work, it will only mean more cross-play going forward.

For the moment, Core and Competitive play will be single platform only. This is to ensure that any competitive play that is happening will remain fair/balanced while Microsoft waits for more data from Social Quickplay.