Week 2 Day 1 NA LCS Spring Split Predictions

The LCS is back and there was a great week one full of action. Things are in full gear as we enter our second week with some more big matchups on the schedule. Before we get into that here’s the rankings after week one:

1) FlyQuest, Cloud9 (2-0)

3) Team SoloMid, Team Liquid, Team Dignitas, Phoenix1, Counter Logic Gaming, Immortals (1-1)

9) Echo Fox, Team Envy (0-2)

While standings literally mean nothing right now they serve as a means to show every teams record, which can only be one of the three variations. Cloud9 and Cloud9 Challenger Flyquest are off to a hot start and Cloud9 was mentioned as looking like the best team in the LCS after the way they handled TSM and Dignitas.

FlyQuests is another scary team as they haven’t even started practicing. The team has said numerous times that they finally got their computers a few days before the first day so not much time has been put in together, but when you have Hai and you’re all vets things go smoothly.

Those wily vets on FlyQuest have the first match of the day and get to compete against Counter Logic Gaming.  CLG had a rough start to the split dropping two straight games to Team Liquid, especially after leading all of the second one. They rebounded nicely against Team Envy to take a 2-0 of their own, but have their work cut out for them this week.

CLG get both of the undefeated teams. While you can make an argument that they may be individually better in certain positions they have to contend with the experience of Flyquest. If you know the old C9 roster you know that this will either be a quick game for FlyQuest or an incredibly long and drawn out game due to them. I don’t see CLG beating them if they can’t finish early.

Team SoloMid is definitely feeling the loss of Doublelift. It’s not that WildTurtle is that ineffective of an ADC, but I think we can all agree that Doublelift is definitively better. That and he brings a certain game sense to the team that would definitely benefit them. It’s incredibly early and the best NA team from last split is far more than one person so they’ll likely be fine.

TSM’s opponent this week will be the other team that was vying for early honors as best in the LCS and that’s Team Dignitas. What Dignitas has going for them are their Korean All-Stars and experienced bot lane. In the top you have a world class Top laner in Ssumday. Jungle is another long time LCK veteran in Chaser and Keane in the Mid lane. It’s an incredible amount of talent on one team that’s still working the kinks out and when they get it all figured out they’ll likely be a powerhouse.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups:

  • FlyQuest vs CLG (2-1)
  • Team SoloMid vs Team Dignitas (0-2)