Screenshot Saturday Featuring Rubik’s Man, Dead Cells, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is always on time, but sometimes the world makes talking about it run a little behind schedule.  Each and every week, no matter what else may be happening, developers show off what they’ve been up to, posting images by the hundreds to give a sense of progress.  Sometimes that’s as visually unexciting as a new menu, but not all of gaming is explosions and rainbow warping effects, and a functioning menu system takes more work to get going.  Still, this feature is about visual pizzazz rather than the messy guts of coding, so those images get filtered out in favor of shiny action.  Unless the menu explodes, in which case it’s a shoo-in for inclusion.  Below are a dozen images culled from hundreds of pictures and animations, and it’s always best to make sure all those blue arrows get a click so you can get the full effect of the awesomeness on display.

Angry John- When aliens abduct a breeder’s chickens there’s no other option than to grab a gun and get to retrieving his livestock from the bird-rustling BEMs. Angry John is a randomized action game with ridiculous guns, lots of chickens, and feathers getting absolutely everywhere.

Art of Destruction- A puzzle game about breaking things and reveling in the gratuitous shrapnel flying everywhere. The logo pretty much tells the whole story, although it would be hard to animate it on a box.

39 Days to Mars- Co-op game about coaxing a 19th century steampunk spaceship to Mars. It’s not going well and there’s far more work involved holding the ship together than a single adventurer can handle, but if you need to tackle it alone the ship’s cat will help.

Dead Cells- Metroidvania where a pile of goo takes over a convenient corpse to battle through a roguelike castle packed with brutal monsters and secret areas. It blew through Greenlight in a matter of days and current plans call for Early Access late spring.

Rubik’s Man- Solve a Rubik’s Cube from the inside, except the cube is a house with furniture that’s been neatly bisected by the rotation lines. Don’t even ask what happened to the people inside, because while they don’t seem to be sliced to bits they’re awfully squishy.

Spaceship Looter-  Action roguelike from the Enter the Gungeon/Binding of Isaac school of design.  Loot ships, get better toys, loot more ships, repeat.  Nicely explode-y with a whole lot of bullets going on.

Riptale-  Zip, slash *bloodsplat!*  Riptale is an action-platformer that looks like it knows its way around an air combo or two.  The black and white and red art make for an easy comparison to Downwell, but the run/jump/slashiness of it all shows it to be a very different game.  The Greenlight starts Monday but you can get a peek at its trailer now.

Noisetube VR- Music visualizer currently available for Google Cardboard but on the way for the bigger headsets as well. Fly forward forever as the musically-created geometry streams past your face at the speed of the beat.

Satelline- Scan and link satellites together, apparently in a burst of rainbow hyperjumping. There’s not a lot of detail on this one but you can never go wrong with a good space warp effect.

8Suns- Tactical arena shooter where you’ve got a mech and a large number of enemies who want to see it scrapped with you inside it. Fighting in the arenas earns tech both new and ancient, which is quite useful in terms of avoiding certain doom. It might not work so well against mini black holes, though.

Dandara- Metroidvania specifically designed for touch screen devices, although it’s been looked at for PC as well.  Gravity isn’t a relevant consideration in this game, and Up is whatever wall you happen to be standing on at the time.  The game is inspired by the Brazilian legend of Dandara, a woman warrior fighting slavery, although the game has had the history because doing justice to the topic would be outside the scope of an action platformer.

Unnamed- One tweet on the account, no link to any info, so this is 100% of everything that’s been released for this game so far. Some games need a lot of details to catch one’s attention, but this isn’t one of them.

Bonus Image

Stage Presence- Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope FLAMETHROWER NOW PLEASE!