Valkyrie Connect Celebrates Chinese New Year in Style

One of the best free-to-play mobile games to be released last year has received a sizable update to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Valkyrie Connect has received numerous updates over the last couple of weeks, but this addition should have players excited to dive deeper into the Norse mythology RPG.

From now until February 2, players will receive daily rewards, including 100 Stamina, 100 Diamonds and a 3-Star Fusion Knife or Ring. Special extra gifts will also be handed out until January 31, including additional Diamonds and Stamina.

Best yet, there’s a new summon event going on. Players will be able to purchase new groups of allies/equipment, and the more times this is purchased, the greater rewards will be obtained.┬áThis event starts off at 1500 Diamonds (for 10 summons) and has a good chance to roll 3-Star heroes and equipment. Every third time a 10x Diamond pack is purchased, you’ll no matter what be given a special New Year themed hero, including Awakened God Vali and Mochi God Thor.

In addition, the level cap has been increased to 55 with even more chapters and quests added. Even Hero EXP Quests and Orb Quests have had their drop rates increased so you can not only level up quicker, but obtain upgrade material faster. Finally, for the next two weeks, Vidofnir and Hrungnir are available in Connect Battles and have limited-time gear rewards.

Valkyrie Connect is available for both iOS and Android users.