Week 2 Day 3 NA LCS Spring Split Predictions

The last day of play is here and the standings are thinning out nicely. We’re seeing the shake-up we need and Phoenix1 starting day one with their lineup has been a great thing. Starting the split how they ended Summer. Here’s the rankings after day one:

1) FlyQuest, Cloud9 (3-0)

3) Team SoloMid (3-1)

4) Phoenix1 (2-1)

5) Echo Fox, Counter Logic Gaming, Team Liquid, Immortals (1-2)

9) Team Dignitas (1-3)

10) Team Envy (0-3)

Only one more match standing between FlyQuest and Cloud9 finishing week two undefeated. For FlyQuest this shouldn’t be too big of an issue as they face off against Echo Fox. Echo picked up ther first win against Dig who looked like they would be competing for the top of the ladder in week one, but have looked anything but top tier in their matches.

Cloud 9 have CLG who have an incredibly rough week with it all starting against FlyQuest. Getting both undefeated teams in a week is unfortunate, but at least the worst will be over and they get a clear understanding of where they are and what to work on.

Phoenix1 started this split with their complete starting lineup and are winning the games they should be. They haven’t had a real test yet other than the week one Dig that hasn’t shown up since, but they’re winning these games as they should be. This week they have Team Liquid who sit right be low them and just had a tough series against TSM. This will be their first real test, but even if it’s a 2-2 start it’s far greater than where they were last split.

Team Envy finally got to start their starting lineup this week and lost in two straight to CLG. Considering Lira just got here that’s not too surprising and this is basically their week one. IMT shouldn’t have issues here, but they’re still a team working out kinks that Envy are going to start working out as well.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record after day one in bold: (4-2)

  • Phoenix1 vs Team Liquid (1-2)
  • Echo Fox vs FlyQuest (0-2)
  • Team Envy vs Immortals (1-2)
  • Cloud9 vs Counter Logic Gaming (2-0)