Breath of the Wild Link Gets Nendoroid Figure

Zelda fans have had no shortage of great new figures becoming available, and the latest to pop-up features Link from Breath of the Wild. This figure comes in a normal and DX version, with the DX set including more items to pose Link with and even a helpful companion.

The normal set includes Link in his blue tunic and comes with a bow, arrow, quiver, sword, sheath, shield and of course his handy Sheikah Slate. The DX set includes all of the previous items in addition to a club, axe, chicken leg, and even an alternate hood for him to wear. To top it all off the DX version also gives Link a trusty horse to ride and pose in all sorts of dynamic ways.

Pre-orders for both versions are available now through the Good Smile store, so be sure to check it out if you want to get this figure and be ready to take on the wild! For an even closer look you can get a closer look at the Link Nendroid and all included items from both sets below!