Tales of Berseria Producer Answers All Your Questions

Tales of Berseria is now available and while many fans have mixed feelings about its predecessor, Tales of Zestiria, so far Berseria seems to be getting a mostly positive reception on release. That said, it’s not as if the Tales series – now sixteen games strong – has ever been a major hit here in the West. Bright side is many newcomers to the series may have a good chance to jump in with Berseria. Not a stranger to answering questions about the nature of the oddly-named JRPGs he’s worked on, Producer Yasuhiro Fukaya has plenty to say about Berseria that new and old fans alike may find interesting to know. If anything, his interview may be work checking out just to know what in the world a Berseria is.

See Yasuhiro Fukaya’s interview below. Tales of Berseria is available now on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.