Hell is Other Demons Brings Pure Arcade Four-Color Shooting to Greenlight

Every once in a while a simple new shooter comes along that doesn’t do much but one thing with incredible skill.  Revolutionizing a genre is all very well and good but there’s something to be said for a back-to-basics approach, especially when it’s pulled off as nicely as Hell is Other Demons.  The game showed up on Greenlight today and, while the demo isn’t linked directly off the campaign, it’s available through tigsource and promptly ate most of my evening.

Hell is Other Demons is a four-color platform shooter where you’re a devil with a gun blasting waves of baddies in a dangerously spiky arena.  Each level is one screen wide, no horizontal scrolling, but seems like it can go up forever if you can just keep bouncing off enemies.  The devil has a double-jump that recharges when he lands on an enemy, making infinite air combos not just possible but actually a goal to aim for on the harder levels.  Shooting down monsters usually causes them to drop a gem or two, which can be saved up to spend in the shop for better weapons, an equipable artifact, or special abilities that charge by defeating swarms of baddies.  It’s very simple but feels perfect, with the only drawback being lack of controller support in this early stage.

Hell is Other Demons is on Greenlight now, looking for love.  Check out the demo for eight brutal, fantastically playable levels packed with the best shoot & jump arcade action so far this year.