Limited Run Games Teaming With Degica to Print DariusBurst Chronicle Saviors

This one has been on the wishlist for a while now but didn’t seem likely to happen, so the Degica blog announcement of DariusBurst Chronicle Saviors getting a disc release is very welcome news.  Two releases, in fact, with a regular version coming with a digital art book (untranslated), and a limited edition featuring an exclusive cover, soundtrack, and two Silver Hawk Burst ship figures in red and blue.  This comes with a couple of informational disclaimers, though.

The first disclaimer is about the DLC.  As a rule, Limited Run Games tries to print the most final version possible, but DariusBurst is still getting new updates.  The latest one was announced with the physical release, in fact, with three Capcom ships joining the armada from Side Arms, Operation Hyperdyne, and Progear no Arashi.  It would be nice to have everything on a single disc but the release is confirmed to be the base game only.  There are also a handful of unanswered questions, such as where the Vita version got to.  The Vita fan-base is a particularly voracious one and this type of game is exactly the kind of thing it’s clamoring for.  Finally, the questions of When and How Much are also to be answered later.  Saving up for that irresistible deluxe version needs a target to aim for, and you can bet that the day of release will need a lightning-fast order at either the 10AM or 6PM starting bell to get a copy.