River City Ransom: Underground Trailer Reveals Release Date

River City Ransom: Underground completed its Kickstarter way back in October 2013, and the wait is finally almost over.  The new launch trailer comes with a February 27 release date, so get ready to pound, kick, toss, or otherwise eradicate the biggest, meanest, weirdest threats River City has to offer.  Eight unique heroes will be available to clean up the streets with, each with their own combat moves and play style.  True to the series legacy, the game is an open-world pixel art-fest with RPG-lite elements and co-op multiplayer, and if the trailer is to be believed you can even adopt a cat.  Basically, RCR: Underground is aiming to be the sequel to the NES classic everyone has been hoping for, and while it would have been nice to arrive bit more quickly than almost three decades, it’s finally within sight.  The beatdown starts in under a month, and the crew is ready to get this brawl started.