Sumo Digital’s Snake Pass Slithers onto Switch

The Switch just got another loft of good news today as developers Sumo Digital have announced their upcoming physics-based, 3D platformer Snake Pass will be making its way onto Nintendo’s upcoming console alongside its release on other platforms. For anyone not in the know, Snake Pass puts you in control of an agile snake amid climbing frame-style levels and obstacles requiring you to literally think like a snake by zig-zagging, coiling and wrapping one’s self around parts of the environment in order to progress.

For such a simple concept as this, Snake Pass has certainly caught the eye of many outlets and intrigued players alike — ourselves included — over the past year and like similarly recent announcements as of late, it’s promising to see more independant studios showing their support for the Switch. A release date is yet to be confirmed but stay tuned as we keep our eyes on another promising indie game for 2017.