Balancing Roguelike TumbleSeed Heading to Switch This Spring

For those of you who’ve frequented old school arcades, you might have come across a machine or two centred around the concept of balancing a ball upwards, avoiding holes along the way while offering steady manoeuvring in order to reach the highest target point and (hopefully) win the prize on offer. Well developers Aeiowu have taken that challenge and implemented it into their very own “rolly roguelike”. Set in a vibrantly-illustrated geometric World, players are tasked with keeping a small circular seed out of both harm’s way and the numerous black holes that pop up in order to reach the top of each procedurally-generated mountain.

Equipped with numerous abilities along the way that both change your seed’s properties, as well as the environment at times, TumbleSeed is as much about patience and strategy as it is about having a steady hand. Better still, the developers have confirmed that the game will release for the Switch this Spring alongside other platforms via PS4 & PC. Check out a trailer for the game below and see what you think.