Behind the Scenes of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn blew many away at E3 2015 with its incredible visuals, combat system, and setting. And it continued to impress with its reappearance at last year’s E3. Zero Dawn has officially gone gold and its release is approaching at the end of this month on February 28 for PlayStation 4. Today, the people at Guerilla Games have graced us with three behind the scenes videos on the development of their first Action-RPG. The first video highlights their choice for the engine while easing into assembly of the team for story and quests which leads into the second video.


“Horizon Zero Dawn is the first time we are creating quests, so we had to invest a lot in terms of technology and the open-world engine, but also in assembling the team,” Jeroen Roding, Guerilla Community Manager quoted Hulst in the PlayStation Blog. “Hiring a writing team, a quest design team… it’s been a huge undertaking for the studio.”


The second behind the scenes video goes further in detail about the process of creating the narrative and quests. The third video highlights creating the design of Aloy and attempting to make an icon by the likes of Nathan Drake and Lara Croft. The team was always going to go with Aloy, but several designs of her were made before they settled with the design that you see in the game.

“Guerrilla Games co-founder and Managing Director Hermen Hulst has called Horizon Zero Dawn ‘the single most ambitious project that Guerrilla Games has ever taken on’. He is, of course, speaking in part to the challenge of transitioning an accomplished studio from one genre to another — one with new elements that the designers had less familiarity with,” said Jeroen Roding.

Horizon: Zero Dawn looks like it’s going to be spectacular. Make sure to keep an eye on us for when our review drops later this month.