Purebred Horror Husk Welcomes You Home with Launch Trailer

Don’t start thinking February will see any sudden shortage of first-person horror games to play through for Husk, created by developers UndeadScout, has just released and aims to offer the same amount of atmosphere, anxiety and sense of dread the likes of Resident Evil 7 have brought as of late. The developers claim Husk is a homage to earlier eery titles such as Silent Hill & Alan Awake as well as cult TV shows like Twin Peaks with its unsettling (and fittingly named) abandoned setting of the town of Shivercliff.

The fact the release trailer, which you can view below, opens with reference to domestic violence should perhaps hint at the rather dark and personal themes the game hopes to tackle in what is seen as less a monster-filled, survival game and more an explorative one. Husk is currently available on PC.