Week 3 Day 1 NA LCS Spring Split Predictions

It seems the unfortunate lack of practice caught up to FlyQuest and Cloud9 stand alone as the only unbeaten team in the NA LCS. FlyQuest finally lost to, of all teams, Echo Fox giving them their second win of the split. Before we get more into that here’s the rankings going into day one:

1)  Cloud9 (4-0)

3) FlyQuest, Team SoloMid, Phoenix1 (3-1)

5) Echo Fox, Immortals (2-2)

7) Team Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming, Team Liquid, (1-3)

10) Team Envy (0-4)

Cloud9 sit at the top and have what seems like an easy week ahead of them. They’ve taken out the teams you’d assume to be their bigger matchups in the first two weeks of  the split and now should be fine tuning their play until they meet again.

After a disappointing start TSM seem to be getting their feet under and are playing more like the team that dominated the LCS last year. After taking down Ssumday and friends they proceeded to do the same to the struggling Team Liquid and had a 2-0 week. FlyQuest on the other hand dropped their first match of the year to Echo Fox who seem to also be finding a groove without any LCS scrim partners.

Finding themselves on the opposite end of where they were last split is Phoenix1 as they sit tied for second with FlyQuest and TSM. Their first week they lost to what looked like a top-of-the-table contender in Dignitas, but they’ve since looked lost. Today, Phoenix1 have Immortals who are also looking to gel as a team. All that’s left of the Immortals from last year is Pobelter and he had a rough go against C9. It’ll be interesting to see how he stacks up against Ryu.

Team Liquid is another team with basically a new roster. After parting ways with Fenix they basically traded Dardoch for Reignover. They also got Piglet back after his hiatius with the challenger team so everyone needs some more time to get together. They’re a strong team all-around except for the mid lane, but Goldenglue can hold his own. The best part about their match is that their against EnVy who just got their full lineup last week after Visa issues. Win or lose this will be a good game for both teams to get some work done.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record after week 2 in bold: (6-4)

  • Immortals vs Phoenix1 (1-2)
  • Team Envy vs Team Liquid (1-2)