Week 3 Day 2 NA LCS Spring Split Predictions

Okay, so here’s a new rule for myself. Whenever I praise a team for anything I need to expect for that thing to not showcase itself and be their undoing. Yesterday,The Notorious P.O.B. looked abysmal. He was looking decent before the C9 match and now it’s incredibly rough for him. Also, Team Liquid just completely didn’t show up; not to take anything from EnVy, but that was bad. Here’s the rankings going into day two:

1)  Cloud9 (4-0)

2) Phoenix1 (4-1)

3) FlyQuest, Team SoloMid  (3-1)

5) Echo Fox (2-2)

6)  Immortals (2-3)

7) Team Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming (1-3)

9) Team Liquid, Team Envy (1-4)


Today, we get the full course and it starts out with another battle between the old Gods, CLG and TSM. This hasn’t been a great start for CLG and to make matters worse TSM have definitely improved since their loss to C9 earlier this year. They’ve shown some great macro play to get advantages around the map like top roaming down to mid for a gank, and bot going top for a quick pick and tower.

CLG haven’t won since week one when they took down the Lira-less Team Envy. This is personal bias, but I’ve never been a fan of the style of macro that brought CLG to the top. Darshan splitting for forever was viable two splits ago but that’s gone. Huhi hasn’t been impressive at all and while Stixxay has proven he can be a top ADC he just hasn’t had a real opportunity to shine with how things are going. This should be a win for TSM.

FlyQuest lost last week to Echo Fox handing them their second win, but that’s moreso expected considering the team had just started practicing together. The fact that they had the great start that they did was impressive all things considered. Today, they take on Dignitas who, after week one, have looked incredibly out of sorts. This isn’t a guaranteed win though for FlyQuest purely because Dignitas may have just got things together, but mainly because FlyQuest like to take chances in draft.

We saw it during week two when FlyQuest challenged Huhi to take over on LeBlanc and he failed. Then we saw it again when they left, of all picks, Camille up and lost to a Camille support. Granted you can’t expect a team to flex her to support, but you don’t leave up a pick like that in the first place when you don’t have first pick. That’s just one match, but you’re only guaranteed two and putting yourself on the back foot for a horrible reason is just dumb. They managed to beat them in the second game, but had that been the first who knows what could have happened. FlyQuest should be able to take down the struggling Dignitas, but if they pull something odd all bets are off.

Speaking of Echo Fox they get Team Liquid who just took a thrashing to Team EnVy. It’s safe to say I’m going for Echo Fox and now that I say that Team Liquid will more than likely start playing like I believe they can. Truth be told Goldenglue is more of a liability than I thought in the mid lane and the Reignover/Lourlo combo is going to need some work. Even Piglet and Matt had a rough time yesterday and I have the most faith in them. Though I have it set as a sweep for Echo this likely/hopefully won’t be an easy one for them. I’d like to see Liquid make some sort of progress.

Lastly, we have C9 vs EnVy who have finally got their first match win. This will be a good test for EnVy after looking like they got things together. C9 have looked to be in mid-season form since the start so it’ll be good to see how they stack up. I don’t expect C9 to have a hard time with their wins as of late. They’ve played with early leads and dominated and also shown that they can have a rocky start and still manage to pull a game back. Jensen/Contractz have been amazing and regardless as to who is in the top lane they’ve been doing their job. This should be a sweep for C9.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day two in bold: (7-5)

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Team SoloMid (1-2)
  • FlyQuest vs Team Dignitas (2-1)
  • Team Liquid vs Echo Fox (0-2)
  • Cloud9 vs Team Envy (2-0)