Microsoft Reveals Groundbreaking VR Game ‘Starship Commander’

Microsoft has just unveiled a new VR game from upstart Human Interact that looks to be one of the most immersive VR games to date. Players take the roll of a Starship Commander as they try to win over the galaxy. Wearing a VR headset, not only are players put in the captain’s seat, but they also talk to allies and enemies and what is said influences the game.

Two videos were released revealing the Oculus/Steam VR game; the first shows off the first gameplay and the second is a behind the scenes look at the development.

Check them out below:

  • IamTylerDurden1

    Ew. This IS a gimmick. It gives VR a bad name. Why is MS so into voice command?

    • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

      Ppl are just getting dumber by the generation it seems. Why mouth a game that does something different? It actually looks pretty pimp to be able to have this OPTION as an experience on VR. Why wouldnt they create something like this? Only an absolute idiot would find something to bitch about here.

      • Jessika S.

        As a person who plays a lot of VR I’ll say that this isn’t bad but I wouldn’t hype this as the most groundbreaking most immersive VR experience. The fact that everything is voice only I can already tell that it will get boring quick like a lot of other VR games. To someone with no gaming experience that can’t hold a controller this game is gold but to any experience gamer you might play this twice.

      • IamTylerDurden1

        Star Trek Bridge Commander does..

        If voice command was A feature in the game instead of THE feature in the game i would be open to it. There are no controls, no controller, it’s voice command only. Starship Commander just looks very cheap with the bad live action. Didn’t they learn their lesson with Quantum Break? It seems well suited for casuals, i do not see the appeal ror hardcore players.

        It’s simply a choose your own adventure game with voice command rather than a controller, and no free movement. You can insult ppl all u want, but it won’t make the voice acting any better. It won’t add higher production value and it won’t add layers of depth to the “gameplay”. Every situation has two or three possible outcomes. You pick one of the three choices (attack, retreat, abstain) and it triggers a pre rendered sequence (cutscene). Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s quite simple really, and it’s a pretty easy development concept.

      • IamTylerDurden1

        I much prefer VR games that aren’t as gimmicky. It’s funny that Phil bashed VR and PSVR for having gimmicky, experimental, and low budget games yet his company is trotting out a game that is all three. RE7, Dirt Rally, Driveclub VR, Rigs, Rez Infinite, Farpoint, Get Even, Robinson The Journey, Eve Valkyrie, Battlezone, and even Arkham VR (Short but great) are the sort of VR that interest me and help legitimize the VR industry.

  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    Do you actually control anything or is is all voice commands.

  • Vince Pale

    Me: “Cortana, Xbox off”
    Xbox: “Did you want me to search the web for that?”

  • Skeptic

    MIcrosft always come at a problem from the wrong angle. THeir corporate HQ has no idea of what people really want