Darkest Dungeon Rolls Out Radiant Update Public Beta

Darkest Dungeon is calling all heroes back to the pits with its latest update dubbed the Radiant Update. The update is centered around two major pillars, the all new Radiant Mode and improvement upon/additions to the overall game experience.

Radiant Mode is by far the biggest change, bringing a new tier of challenge but not in the way games normally do. Instead of being a more difficult mode, Radiant Mode looks to make the game easier but not less difficult. What that means, is that as players begin to hit the late game of Darkest Dungeon the grind of another 40+ hours of play aren’t required just to get to the late game. Darkest Dungeon averages out at around 80 hours of play to complete — this looks to cut that in half. This does not mean that everything about the mode is easier — monsters retain the same stats and permadeath is still permadeath.

Radiant Mode also has some new features that players familiar to the game might want to play around with, such as, never having to change heroes at the cost of increased stress upon return to a dungeon. Higher Level heroes will now be able to return to lower level dungeons, where before they were arrogant a-holes saying lower level dungeons were beneath them (I’m screaming for joy inside).

For those looking for more of a challenge, don’t fret, that’s what Stygian mode is for. Stygian mode is what was NG+ but now with a few extra features.

Aside from the two new modes, Darkest Dungeon is improving everything about the game itself. This includes adding a few new monsters, readjusting how the economy works, and a slew of other tweaks which you can read in full here.

For now Radiant Mode is going to remain in Beta while the Darkest Dungeon Team sees how the patch settles in with tweaks being made as need be.