Party Hard 2 Announced

A follow-up to the ridiculous and kind of horrifying tale of a neighbor who just wants things quiet on a killing spree, Party Hard, was announced on Wednesday and is simply called Party Hard 2.

In Party Hard 2, you’ll be playing the part of a disgruntled co-worker who is angry that he didn’t get his Christmas Bonus. So, to quell that anger, he goes on a murder spree at the corporate Christmas party.

The guys over at Pinokl Games have been working on a new engine for Party Hard 2, which allows them to add real-time shading, 3D environments, and allows them to include more explosions. As they did with the first game, Party Hard 2 will sustain an “open development,” meaning that they want people to get their hands on the game before it’s done and test it out. They are currently taking sign ups for the upcoming alpha.

Along with the announcement, they debuted a trailer, so be sure to check out the new art style down below.

Party Hard 2 will be playable at PAX East, so stick to Hardcore Gamer for our coverage of the show.