Riftstar Raiders Launching to PS4 Later this Year

Riftstar Raiders practically sells itself in the opening statement on the PlayStation blog, asking the player of remembering a time when hanging out at the arcade with friends was what it was all about. Trying to outdo each other’s scores or help each other defeat a difficult part of the game that is causing all sorts of grief. Riftstar Raiders wants to bring the classic arcade experience to the living room, and Climax Studios hopes it will be a game everyone can love to share.

Riftstar Raiders looks to distill the perfect experience of top-down shooter, modern multiplayer, and skill based retro shoot’em up combat from the days of a golden age of arcade’s in Japan. While that’s a mouthful, it’s a mouthful worth paying attention to. The combat promises to be fast paced, challenging, and above all, fun.

“Unlike the majority of recent shooters though, Riftstar Raiders gives players a more natural feeling, physics-based gameplay which takes practice and skill to master; your ship will react to the realistic forces applied to it, so maneuvering through an asteroid field or around a nebula takes real piloting skill.”

Riftstar Raiders will support up to four player combat both with and against each other, in challenging all out shoot’em up space pilot warfare. With four interstellar factions locked in war, played across nine missions, pilots will be competing to see who is the best smuggler/outlaw scum in the galaxy (Han Solo might get a run for his money).

As with any devious space outlaw, the primary goal of Riftstar Raiders is the sweet-sweet loot. With enough customization of perks plus loot options to go around, players will be able to handcraft their ship exactly to their play style, delivering a fine-tuned fun experience.

While no official date has been announced yet, stay tuned, more info for Riftstar Raiders is sure to be on the way. For the full rundown of the game check it out on the blog here. For now here’s a quick peak at the game in the trailer below: