8DAYS Puts You on a Mission from G.O.D.

If video games have taught us anything, it’s that the best way to bring peace to the world is via liberal application of heavy ordinance. That is the theory behind the business model of private military corporation, G.O.D., anyways. In Santa Clara Games’ just released 8DAYS, players will take on the role of either Lola “Wasp” Cruz or Mike “Ghost” Doe, two mercenaries in the employ of the aforementioned PMC, as they engage in a top down, ultra violent twin stick adventure in lands unknown.

Taking a look at the screenshots and the trailer (seen below), one could be forgiven for being reminded of Nuclear Throne, certainly not a comparison to disdain. 8DAYS does set out to differentiate itself with co-op play, adaptive AI, and an actual story. Players can also choose to use stealth, which certainly opens up the options. There are also plenty of unlockable characters and secrets hidden within, so this isn’t looking to be a one and done type of experience. At ten dollars, 8DAYS might be worth a look.