Destiny 2 Rumored to be Named Forge Of Hope

An Insider leak on the website Reddit has revealed some potential information about the unannounced Destiny II. The information stems from topics for an upcoming conference call at Bungie. The game looks to be named Destiny II: Forge of Hope. It will be launching in Q4 2017, so this could mean a reveal at E3 2017. It will launch on five platforms: PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio, and yes, PC. Console exclusivity will remain with PlayStation, but it will be reduced to three months. It will also launch in three versions with one having a 1:2 Scale of the Exo Strangers Relic of Necessity.

Destiny II will feature an entirely new engine that has been built from the ground up. This is to help Bungie rapidly create and add new content to the world. They are scheduling for an event release every 1-2 months that centers around a theme. These events will involve delivering new narrative paths and new game play mechanics. There will be substantial content updates each quarter, and Bungie already has a small team working on the first major expansion that will be due in Fall 2018.

The story on the sequel will heavily focus on chronological events that followed The Taken King. It will revolve around the Cabal Forces. The stories for the expansion aim to be centered around the Vex and the Origins of Kabr and Praydeth.

Due to the new engine, Bungie had to leave some previous characters behind. The good thing about this will be that the game will offer more customization character creation options. These can include facial hair and class themed face paint and tattoos.

The post on reddit can be viewed here just in case you want to add to the discussion. The post, titled The Future of Destiny, was created by user Inside_Leaks and the person who leaked the information asked to remain anonymous. If the game truly comes out later this year, then a good portion of it must be complete. That is kind of hard to imagine with a new engine being built from the ground up. Stay tuned for more information involving Destiny II: Forge of Hope.