Kolin Revealed for Street Fighter V

The second character for Street Fighter V’s season 2 has been revealed and its the Russian ice queen, Kolin also known as Helen. She first appeared in Street Fighter III as an assistant to Gill and appeared in Street Fighter V’s story mode last year. Kolin’s moveset appears to be based around various hand slashes that she augments with blades of ice. Her V-Skill allows her to punish her opponent from a decent range and her V-Trigger allows causes a stream of icicles across the floor. This attack also freezes the opponent’s stun gauge and if the opponent hits the stun stage he or she is frozen in place.

Kolin will be given three alternate outfits, one for her story mode, one premium, and a nostalgic costume based on her original Street Fighter III design. She is set to release February 28 and will be playable on February 15 at the Lupe Fiasco DROGAS Light Album Launch Party. You can check out her reveal trailer with Lupe Fiasco’s “It’s Not Design” below and the Capcom Unity blog here.