New Map Leak in Horizon Zero Dawn Details More Information

With Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn just a few weeks away, many should expect to see some leaks of gameplay and other information that may not be yet known. Today, a picture of the map for Horizon Zero Dawn has leaked, and it details some important information from the game. The map is pictured below, and their seems to be three main locations that offer different environments. Sunfall, Meridian, and Mother’s Heart seem to be the names of the three areas. There looks to be other major areas of interest, too. One thing is for certain, and that is the scale of the game will be huge.

The area known as Sunfall looks to be a dry, desert area that consumes much of the northwest and central portions of the map. Meridian is located in the southwest portion of the region and consists mainly of a forest. The other half of the map seems to be full of ice-capped mountains. As looking at the map reveals Mother’s Heart in the southeastern area, the terrain wraps around towards the north where Pitch Cliff is located. Each main location will have a different number of tribes to go along with the diverse terrains. Stay tuned for more information involving Horizon Zero Dawn.