Nidhogg Developer’s First Game Flywrench Coming to PS4

While Messhof is best known for the fantastic Nidhogg, it wasn’t the company’s first game.  One of its earlier titles was a minimalist maze/action game called Flywrench, which saw the player flitting through color-coded obstacles while trying to keep the ship under control.  Regular movement leaves the ship its standard white color, flapping its ends turns it red, and tumbling changes to green.  Put all the moves together while navigating multicolored laser traps and judging momentum so a long green tumble doesn’t send you flailing into a wall and you earn sweet, delicious victory.  Blow it and the level instantly restarts, giving zero down-time to accidentally squeeze the controller to splinters.

Flywrench has been available on PC for a while now and it’s finally coming to consoles with today’s PS4 announcement.  The new version includes the 170 levels of the original while adding an entirely new Asteroid area with a dozen new challenges.  The game has come a very long way since its original 2007 prototype debut, but a decade late it’s ready to hit the consoles while happily looking like an NES refugee without all the screen flicker.  Flywrench lands on the PS4 on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, so you can get playing while a loved one laughs at your constant death and then hand over the controller to return the favor.