Arms Receives Two Introductory Trailers

Shown off last month during the Nintendo Switch event, Arms quickly gained popularity due to it’s charming art, fast-paced action, and interesting characters. It is shaping up to be a successful title which is why a couple of new trailers is perfect for fans to check out.

The two videos below are in Japanese but show off a lot of moves some may have missed out on. The first highlights the customization of the player’s arms to unleash all kinds of fury on opponents. There are a few options to choose from such as a boomerang and triple punch. Both arms can be equipped with a different fist so there are plenty of ways to knock out your rivals. The second trailer shows off each character to let us know how they fair during matches. From Ninjara’s speed to Master Mummy’s hulking defense, they are all unique and certainly have their share of strengths and weaknesses.

Take a look at Arms in the videos below for a better look at those flying fists of fury. The game is scheduled to launch in Spring.