Hollow Knight Gets Release Date and Beautiful New Trailer

Hollow Knight is just about done, and far closer than might have been expected.  The fantastically-animated subterranean Metroidvania got an official launch date of February 24 today, and news like that just isn’t complete unless it comes with a new trailer to show off.  The little insect-skull-headed knight faces enemies and meets allies in an underground kingdom of bugs, earning new powers that enhance his combat potential and open up new areas in the classic genre style.  Hollow Knight’s big selling point is just how great everything looks, with each scene and enemy being designed and animated for maximum effect.  It’s hard not to see a bit of Miyazaki in the art and movement, which is always a hint that things are on the right track.  It’s a beautiful buggy world deep in the earth, and it won’t be long before Hollow Knight opens it up for exploration.