Splatoon 2 Shows Off New Stage and Spectator Mode

It’s a big news day for Splatoon 2 as a few more bits of information has been revealed in addition to the previously announced legacy weapons. Let’s skip over the intro and right to the good stuff, because who are we squidding, that’s what you came here for!

First up is a brand new stage for Inklings to work up a nice sweat during Turf War. Musselforge Fitness is an indoor gymnasium filled with rock climbing walls, swimming pool and treadmills. Based on the images posted below we can tell there are a number of terrains to maneuver around. It also seems to contain a high spawn point with all the action taking place below. Perhaps it would be wise to observe what’s going on from this elevation.

A special feature was revealed via social media of a non-combative mode to experience. A spectating option will be available for players to check out. While eight Inklings are on the field, two others can join in and play the role of a photographer. According to the translation it seems this can only be used during Private Matches. Those who are watching can switch between participants using designated buttons.

Additionally, it will serve as a useful tool for professional players as they can learn more about their style. This is a feature we’ve hoping for but would be a lot more fun as part of regular Turf Wars and Ranked Battles instead of only Private. But you can check out the Tweet, video and images for a glimpse at spectating.

More news on Splatoon 2 will keep flowing in as Summer approaches! Stick here for all the latest.