Week 4 Day 1 NA LCS Spring Split Predictions

This is the week we get to see C9 vs FlyQuest! We have two days to make it through first, but the last match of the last day will be great. Here’s the rankings going into day one:

1)  Cloud9 (6-0)

2) FlyQuest, Team SoloMid  (5-1)

4) Phoenix1 (4-2)

5) Echo Fox, Immortals, Counter Logic Gaming, Team Liquid (2-4)

9) Team Dignitas, Team Envy (1-5)

Today we kick things off with C9 taking on Team Liquid and this is a no-brainer. Unless Liquid have dramatically improved and C9 has taken some considerable steps back this should be a sweep for C9. Liquid have some player and synergy issues they need to work out before they’re going to improve this split. The whole team has to step up and maybe Team Liquid will look like the team I’ve thought they were for three splits.

Immortals and Dignitas should be a good matchup between two struggling teams. I’m leaning with Immortals this week because trusting Dig has lead to so losses. Top lane obviously goes to Dig, but if Immortals use what TSM did and make some better macro moves around the map they should take away that advantage. That’s harder said than done, but that’s how you win games. They could use their top to come mid and help out P.O.B., send jungle and mid top for a gank or make top lane the new bot lane and have everyone there for a quick push. There’s a lot of things you can do, but you have to do actually do it and they haven’t been.

While individually I believe Dig is the better team nothing seems to be working out for them since day one. They have considerable talent on their roster and hopefully this is a game where they can show they’ve come together and display some good gameplay. Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day one in bold: (14-6)

  • Cloud9 vs Team Liquid (2-0)
  • Immortals vs Team Dignitas (2-1)