Week 4 Day 2 NA LCS Spring Split Predictions

Cloud9 almost made my curse return by giving up a game to Team Liquid. Then they kicked things in gear, neutralized Reignover, and brought back Impact for the win. Here’s the rankings going into day two:

1)  Cloud9 (7-0)

2) FlyQuest, Team SoloMid  (5-1)

4) Phoenix1 (4-2)

5)  Immortals (3-4)

6) Echo Fox, Counter Logic Gaming (2-4)

8) Team Liquid (2-5)

9) Team Envy (1-5)

10) Team Dignitas (1-6)

Today we’ve got some more good matchups in P1 vs FlyQuest and Liquid vs IMT, but first we have CLG vs Echo Fox. This is a match to break up the tie we have in sixth place. Neither team is having the split they expected, but Echo Fox have had the more impressive split which, sadly, isn’t saying much. If I eliminate Echo Fox’s major collapse against TL from my memory then I can say they’ve been getting better from week to week and they have. They just made some terrible late game decisions that lost that match for them. Here’s to hoping they don’t utterly collapse this match as well.

P1 and FlyQuest should be a great series and I’m ignoring my C9 bias to go with P1. While betting against Hai is generally a bad idea I’ve become a big fan of what P1 has been able to accomplish. The most interesting part of this match to me is going to be how Hai vs Ryu goes in the mid lane and how Inori vs Moon goes in the jungle. This is anybody’s match, but I’ve gotta stick with P1.

Team EnVy is an interesting team to judge because they started the split without their jungler Lira. Since he’s been in the squad they’ve obviously been a better team and shown improvement, but I don’t they’re good enough to take down the NA giants. Their sole win this split comes from beating Liquid, who have also been struggling this split. They’ll likely make a match of it, but TSM are pretty consistent and have found their groove as of late.

Liquid vs IMT is a good match purely because Reignover is facing his old teammate P.O.B.. Since the whole IMT roster basically disbanded their isn’t much of a grudge match or anything as he doesn’t know anyone else on the team. It’s hard not to pick TL after yesterday’s display against C9, but game three showed that if you ban out Reignover and stick him on a tanky jungler he’s not going to affect the game and his team will ultimately suffer. While Rek’Sai is a fine jungler she just doesn’t take over a game like Kha’Zix or bring the utility that a basic Lee Sin can bring. That coupled with the fact that he went with a straight tank build on her really hurt their chances of puling out a game three win. This is another match that I think could go either way, but giving it to IMT.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day two in bold: (16-6)

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Echo Fox (1-2)
  • Phoenix1 vs FlyQuest (2-1)
  • Team SoloMid vs Team EnVy (2-1)
  • Team Liquid vs Immortals (1-2)