The Bugs Are Back With Giant Frogs in Earth Defense Force 5

The Earth hasn’t taken enough punishment from alien insects yet so the Invaders are returning to correct this problem in Earth Defense Force 5.  This time, though, they’ve got giant humanoid allies providing support in the form of forty-foot-tall frog units, plus even taller grey armored aliens because nothing about this army needs to make any kind of sense at all.  They’re big, mean, and swarming by the hundreds, and the job of the EDF is to use every piece of advanced weaponry at its disposal to eliminate the threat.  The latest trailer shows off the return of the Ranger, Wing Diver, and Fencer units, but mostly focuses on a news report that guarantees people will be safe if only they leave out bowls of sugar water for the ants.  It’s a nice theory for the half-second it lasts before ants start tearing down buildings.  Seeing as the only justifiable reason to level a city is to protect it, the EDF jumps into battle to show the Invader menace how property damage is supposed to be done.

Earth Defense Force 5 lands on PS4 some time in 2017, and while it may seem a quick turnaround since EDF4, it will actually have been four years since the last game in the series was initially released on PS3/360.  The more recent PS4 and PC versions were a nice update to the game, but it’s actually been a good long while since an all-new entry has come along.