Week 4 Day 3 NA LCS Spring Split Predictions

The big matchup is here. Today, we have Cloud9 vs Flyquest. The originators vs the successors; it’s going to be a great day. Here’s the rankings going into day three:

1)  Cloud9 (7-0)

2) FlyQuest, Team SoloMid  (6-1)

4) Phoenix1 (4-3)

5)  Immortals (4-4)

6) Echo Fox (3-4)

7) Counter Logic Gaming (2-5)

8) Team Liquid (2-6)

9) Team Envy, Team Dignitas  (1-6)

Kicking things off will be Counter Logic Gaming and Phoenix1. P1 didn’t look so hot yesterday against FlyQuest. They had a great lead in the first game, but it dragged out and FlyQuest took every opportunity they could to win. The game went over 50 minutes, so any gold lead you amassed before about 45 minutes doesn’t really mean a lot. FlyQuest came back from not having a single outer tower to taking the whole game. The saving grace for P1 is that CLG is not FlyQuest and if they can get the same production they had in game one they should be able to take this series no problem.

Simultaneously, Echo Fox and Team SoloMid will be duking it out on the other stream to start the event. TSM took down EnVy yesterday in two straight games with relative ease. Since their blunder week one they’ve been playing incredibly well and improving every step of the way. Echo Fox took down CLG and besides a few blunders here and there they’ve look better and better as well, but like EnVy I don’t think they can top TSM.

Echo Fox have shown that they can get off to a good lead and play with the best of them, but their decision making when it matters is hurting them against the top opponents. If they can get out to an early lead today they’ll need to close fast. After that it’s all TSM.

Cloud9 and FlyQuest is the match of the week and I’m taking the successors over the originators. Cloud9 have been playing lights out with their new jungler Contractz alongside Jensen. The whole team is playing incredibly well and they’ve been able to pull games back from seemingly imminent defeat. All of this these players learned from Hai. Hai and FlyQuest will definitely give C9 a run and could take the match as well, but everything they can do C9 can do as well and vice versa. The difference here is that C9 has Impact in the top lane. They could start Ray, but after the last series lets hope they start out trying to win.

Impact vs Balls could be huge this game. What they’re able to do around the map for their team should be what sets the tone for both teams decision making. They have a similar champ pool with Impact being the better of the two by a large margin. While I expect them to be the ultimate factor this game every lane has a great match and it’ll definitely be interesting to see which jungler does better and what champions they stick too.

Lastly, we have Team Dignitas and Team EnVy. Neither team is having a good split for a multitude of reasons, but I can see EnVy getting better. For Dig they’ve just been a mess since it’s started. This is still anyone’s game, but I’m going with EnVy.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into the final day in bold: (19-7)

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Phoenix1 (1-2)
  • Echo Fox vs Team SoloMid (0-2)
  • FlyQuest vs Cloud9 (1-2)
  • Team Dignitas vs Team EnVy (1-2)