Senran Kagura Estival Versus Bouncing to Steam (Update)

(Update-The release date has for both has been finalized: March 17.)

It should be shameful, but I really love the Senran Kargura series, with a particularly special place in my cholesterol clogged heart for Estival Versus. It’s incredibly silly, the action is over the top and rewarding, and it has the added bonus of rendering the wife incredulous when scenes are shown out of context. That’s why the reveal of an upcoming Steam version is fantastic news. This is a series that needs to be in as many places as possible and the promised March date isn’t soon enough.

The release date will also coincide with the launch of the Battle Vixens crossover DLC under the guise of Ikki Tousen. Featuring Guan Yu, Lu Bu, and Sun Ce in female form, this pack will also be available for the previously released PlayStation 4 and Vita versions as paid DLC, though the price has not been announced. Assuming it’s reasonable, fans of both series will want to pursue Lu Bu, despite the advice given in numerous Musou games.