Check Out All These New Mass Effect Andromeda Screenshots

As we approach the month of March, Mass Effect Andromeda inches closer and closer, and with that final stretch usually comes many new trailers, screenshots, and other things to get you hyped for the game. So on Tuesday we got some new screenshots of Mass Effect Andromeda thanks to Shinobi602 over on Twitter. Check them out down below.

The first batch gives us a closer look at some of the new aliens that will be seen throughout the game, and then what seems to be another look at your character’s father, as well as one of the Ryder twins helping another crewmember up.

The second round shows off some more of the action, featuring Ryder twins, Ryder-dad, and what could be some of your companions throughout the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda is out on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and won’t have a season pass, according to Bioware. Andromeda will also be ditching the original Paragon/Renegade system for a more Agree/Disagree style setup. You’ll also be able to choose different inflections based on how you want to come off, whether that be sarcastic or sincere.