Prey Screenshots Showcase Environments, Atmosphere

Since its re-reveal back at E3 2016, Prey has been nothing less than a beautiful looking game, and a new set of screenshots thanks to Shinobi602 on Twitter, we’ve now got a closer look at some of the gorgeous and varied environments that will appear aboard the Talos I. Take a look down below.

What looks like a lobby, a command center, a pool area, and a greenhouse area for oxygen creation are all featured in the group of shots, which shows how different the game will seemingly look as you play. This is heartening since a space station could easily look very same-ey throughout.

Prey will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 5. It’s being developed by Arkane Studios alongside Human Head Studios, who developed the first game. Fans of the Dishonored series will know Arkane and their art style well, which is prominent in Prey. You can check out eight minutes of gameplay here.