Puzzle Platformer BOOR Out Now

One of the slightly more niche but interesting titles we’ve been keeping tabs on is finally out. BOOR, by developer Dazlog Studio — and published by BadLand Games — houses a minimalist art-style and carefully-selected color palette where players take control of a little girl with the ability to duplicate herself. Having accidentally landed on the distant futuristic colony of Eden, under siege by malfunctioning A.I. known as BOOR, the player must solve the game’s series of puzzles using this ability to advance on.

“We’re incredibly lucky to have experienced some of the greatest platformers ever in Portal, Limbo, Braid, and other superlative indie games.” Daniel Moreno, developer and founder of Dazlog Studio, explains. “BOOR is an immersive, mind-bending addition to the genre and we hope platforming fans enjoy their time in Eden!” The game will come with a 20% discount, over on Steam, during its first week of release, exclusively on PC. We’ll be sure to offer up our thoughts on the game in the coming days.