2Dark Reveals Its Deepest Secrets With Release Date, Console Versions

2Dark is a brutal and twisted adventure into the heart of a feral city feeding on its children.  I was very impressed with my recent hands-on time of the first two levels the other day, and as it turns out the wait for more is much shorter than expected.  2Dark has pulled a release date from the blackened pit of its soul, revealing a March 10 launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  (But no Switch?)  For those wanting something a bit fancier, the deluxe edition comes with The Art of 2Dark artbook and a 21-song orchestral soundtrack.  Mr. Smith has a terrible journey ahead and it doesn’t seem likely to end well, but maybe with a bit of luck, clever puzzling, and generous use of reloading the most recent save he can rescue the abducted children of Gloomywood before things spiral completely out of control.