“Biggest Patch to Date” Hits Conan: Exiles

Conan: Exiles released late last month on Steam Early Access and just over two weeks later the developers at Funcom have released the biggest patch to the game yet. You’ll notice general application optimization as well as bigger changes that affect all facets of gameplay.

Standing out on the list of patches is the removal of small placeables to claim a large land space. Many players posted feedback on their disapproval of items such as sleeping bags locking down a region from other players to build on. If you and your clan were trying to raid a few of the early area spider infested dungeons then you’ll be happy to hear they’ve removed the corrupted items causing health and stamina drain. There’s also been a patch to bow and arrows as well as the removal of the ability for fists to break rocks. “Sorry, but this privilege is reserved only for Conan himself,” according to Community Manager Andy B.

Conan Exiles is available now on Steam Early Access. Visit the community page to peep the all the changes that went live today!