Mothergunship Sets its Bullet-Hell FPS Sights on a Heavily Armed Earth

Tower of Guns is several years old so it’s about time it got a thematic sequel. The “randomized from prebuilt rooms” bullet hell FPS wormed its way into my gaming time and dominated a large chunk of 2014 thanks to a combination of great action, clever weapons and fantastic room designs that were packed with secrets. Now there’s a not-sequel on the way in the form of Mothergunship and it’s looking like an epic expansion of the action that made Tower of Guns so incredibly playable.

Huge areas, giant enemy bosses and walls of turrets spewing projectiles make a welcome return, joined by a new modular gun system that lets you build your own rig of projectile decimation.  There are flying sawblades, a giant robot with a laser for a face, spinning wheels covered with bullet-spitting doom, mechs and fire and high-speed bullet frenzied madness.  The quest to reach the Mothergunship isn’t one to be taken lightly, but it’s one you can bring a friend along for in full co-op.  Only straight-up FPS twitch-shooting action can stop a robotic alien horde that views the destruction of Earth as an acceptable side-effect of collecting all its data, and if that means dancing through deadly walls of firepower while giving back more of the same then that’s a price the home planet is more than happy to pay.