Reimagined Music Puzzler Chime Sharp Heading to Consoles This Month

For those of you looking for a puzzle game with a bit more of a musical flair — or simply just want to find potentially the next best entry in the genre — publisher ChilledMouse might have what you’re looking for if you’re a console owner. Chime Sharp — a recently released reimagining of the 2011 Xbox Live Arcade release, Chime — has been out on PC and is now making its way onto consoles via PS4 & Xbox One. Chime Sharp will be available February 24 and pits players in what has been described as a mash-upĀ of Tetris and a music sequencer.

Anyone who’s even remotely dabbled in composing/creating electronic music — or simply knows some of the tools of the trade — may well recognize the square tile-like layout present in Chime Sharp’s primary interface, as players are required to build grids of connecting shapes within an allotted time in order to fill the entire board to a series of electronic tracks before time runs out. However, Chime Sharp — alongside the game’s original soundtrack — will also feature music from a diverse selection of artists this time round, including CHVRCHES, Kavinsky and even Steve Reich alongside other lesser-known electronic music producers/composers. Catch up on the game’s original PC release trailer below to get a feel/idea on how the game plays out.