Semi-Final Call for Sundered Kickstarter With Limited Run Games Exclusive Version

Sundered has had a great run on Kickstarter, being close to earning a 10x bonus multiplier over the initial funding goal on its final take.  The campaign had already been running at full steam but got a surge of activity with the announcement that Thunder Lotus had teamed up with Limited Run Games to produce a Kickstarter-exclusive boxed set including both PC and PS4 versions of the game.  There will be a regular LRG release of Sundered in the future as well, but the only way to get this version had been through the campaign.  This had been a problem seeing as the $100 Canadian ($76 US by Kickstarter’s calculations) edition was only announced yesterday, with two days left on the clock.  A campaign update today went over the details of this edition, and it contains good news for those needing a little extra time to free up the cash.

Thunder Lotus is aware that two days isn’t a lot of lead time, so the Humble Bundle Sundered page will keep the physical version available for a week after the campaign ends, finishing at 6PM EST on February 23.  (True, it’s US $100 instead of Canadian, but Kickstarter adds an extra $10CD for shipping that Humble doesn’t so the total difference for backing late is ($100 – ($76 + $7.60 shipping= $83.60)) $16.40 US.)  The reason the news of this edition wasn’t released until this late in the campaign is that contracts take a bit, and it was announced almost instantly after the signatures were in place.  It’s worth noting that the physical version is going to take a while to happen, though, because it will be the 100% complete version of Sundered with all DLC included.  On the plus side, it also includes a download code for the platform of choice, so the only thing you’d be waiting on is a box for your shelf.  The game is currently scheduled for release this coming July, so any tier you might choose to back should pay off in a reasonable period of time even if complete fulfillment of all rewards might take a bit longer.

Sundered is currently running on Kickstarter for one more day at the time of this writing.