Paragon is Adding a New Female Character

Paragon is a popular MOBA that offers a diverse amount of characters. Epic Games continues to add characters to create depth and variety for its roster. Today, Epic announced a new hero that is a female melee character. Her name is Shinbi and her persona revolves around being a pop music star. Her specialties will be Intelliect and Growth, and she can summon Spirit Wolves during her shows. She will be a deceptive melee assassin during gameplay who uses her wolves to dazzle her enemies and then rip them to shreds. Below are her move sets and there is also an announce trailer to view. There is also a video below showing off Shinbi in combat. As always, all Heroes in Paragon are free as it continues in its Free Open Beta state on PlayStation 4 and PC.

  • Rushing Beat (RMB/R1) – Shinbi dashes forward passing through enemies and dealing damage, she can also re-trigger quickly after to dash again.
  • Line Tempo (Q/Square) – A Spirit Wolf is summoned and runs out in a straight line, passing through minions and dealing damage. The wolf explodes on contact with an enemy Hero.
  • Circle Rhythm (E/Circle) – Shinbi summons four Spirit Wolves that circle her for 4 seconds, which deal damage and heal Shinbi for each hit.
  • All-Kill! (R/Triangle) –  Passive: All of Shinbi’s abilities apply +1 Spirit Wolf stack per hit to enemy Heroes, building up to eight stacks.  Active: When activated a pack of Spirit Wolves attack the closest target with the highest number of Wolf stacks, sending one Wolf per stack.