Sci-fi, Procedural, One-Man Zelda-like Songbringer Coming this Summer

Did the [rather mouth-full] title catch your eye and/or possibly raise an eyebrow or two? Well you read right folks; one-man developer Wizard Fu (real name Nathanael Weiss) has found a way to merge both the gameplay of the original Zelda and the nature of procedurally-generated Worlds to create Songbringer, a sci-fi action RPG that allows players to explore a World, though random in nature — players inputting a six-digit “seed” in generating a new location to explore at the start of one’s ventures — will feature a fully-fledged set of dungeons that can be explored and subsequently beaten in any order.

Weiss has announced the game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC this summer — with a specific release date expected in the near future — having been in beta state over the past year. A trailer for said beta can be viewed below which will give you a better grasp of the pixelated adventure players can expect to come across. For those of you who enjoyed the likes of similarly-pixelated titles like Hyper Light Drifter last year and/or simply want to get their next Zelda-like fix once Breath of the Wild is out in the…wild…well, here’s one to certainly look out for. Be on the look out also for our thoughts on the game itself in the coming weeks.