Sony Eyeing a Second VR?

Sony is currently attempting to patent some new technology that is VR related according to CGM. The current PlayStation VR, while not necessarily cheap and hard to find, is considered “entry level” in terms of virtual reality equipment. While the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have better technology and performance, the two setups are more demanding on hardware. Sony, however, has filed a patent to closer mimic this technology. This patent would not be something that could be “updated” on the current PSVR. The patent is for a lighthouse tracking system. This is something the current PSVR does not use and would be a better improvement for tracking.

“A method for determining an orientation of a photosensor of a controller with respect to a projector is described. The method includes generating, by a beam generator of the projector, a beam. The method further includes modifying a direction of travel of the beam using a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) mirror that moves in a pattern, deflecting the beam, calculating a time at which the beam is detected and determining based on the pattern and the time an orientation of the beam to determine the orientation of the photosensor.”

The HTC Vive uses a beam projector to determine the player’s position in the play-space. If you are familiar with the setup, normally this takes a fairly large and empty room to participate in. The beam projector it uses is based on light and mirrors. The PSVR presently uses a built-in system that relies on light from the headset and the PlayStation Camera. Back on the PS3, the PlayStation Move almost seems like it was a technology test for this future endeavor as motion gaming never really kicked off due do its dependability. The picture of the application can be seen here. It is full of pictures and flowcharts. Either way, does this mean that a second VR is on the say from Sony?